Delivering DevOps Services to
Trusted Enterprises Across North America

ShuttleOps is a deeply experienced DevOps partner, having completed over 60 projects helping clients move forward in their DevOps journey. From CI, Security, CD, and monitoring, our team has a proven track record and incredible background in tooling, integration, and process, to plan and execute highly complex solutions given the tooling that best meets the needs of the client.

One Platform to Rapidly Build, Deploy and Manage Kubernetes Applications

One platform. Ample integrations. Rapid scalability. ShuttleOps is a no-code continuous delivery platform that makes it quick and simple to build, deploy and manage complex distributed applications. Using a simple drag and drop interface, ShuttleOps  allows teams and organizations to quickly adopt and scale their DevOps practices.

Rich Features. Powerful Capabilities

Build On Any Application Framework

Define custom build configurations to migrate applications or onboard your new architecture with ease.

YAML Free Kubernetes Deployments

Configure and manage your basic and advanced configurations from our simple interface.

Enhanced Kubernetes App Management

Manage Persistent Volume Claims, Ingress rules, and other advanced pod configurations all within the ShuttleOps platform.

Built-In Cross-Team Collaboration

Safeguard your credentials in ShuttleOps and effortlessly share your owned connections with users and teams.

Build Customized Workflows

Trigger pipelines on push / pull requests, include acknowledgement or approval gates and so much more.

Safe and Secure Scalability

Define and manage secrets in the ShuttleOps Vault, then safely access them from anywhere in your pipeline.

Ready to deploy? Our plans start with a 30 day free trial! No credit card required.

Getting Started is Easy

Build on Any Application Framework

ShuttleOps supports Chef Habitat, Docker Container registries and custom build configurations.

Advanced Kubernetes Management and Deployment

That means out-of-the box YAML free deployments, Persistent Volume Claims, Ingress rules, and log management.

Build and Deploy Simple Pipelines. Collaborate Seamlessly.

Define custom workflows with built-in collaboration including acknowledgement and approval gates, as well as real-time notifications to Slack, email and our in-app notification centre.

Eliminate Release Delays, Costly Rollbacks, and Unplanned Work

Take the headache and the cost out of releasing software and empower your team to enable continuous delivery at scale. ShuttleOps makes it easy to onboard your app and your team. Get in touch today for a personalized product demonstration.