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Tomorrow’s Developer.

DevOps December 22, 2020

I previously opined about letting developers be developers.  Absolutely we should.  “Development” is where ideas and innovation come to life and scale. Developers make this possible and it’s a learned...

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No-Code, No-Hassle. Modern Application...

DevOps May 4, 2020

Finding experts, who are knowledgeable with all tools in an application delivery pipeline, is challenging to find and retain....

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ShuttleOps has launched

Benefits of No-Code CI/CD Platforms

DevOps May 4, 2020

No-code continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) enables less technical users to build, deploy and manage applications, without...

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Is DevOps a Good Career Move?

Tips & Tactics April 7, 2020

Why DevOps? The concept of DevOps has gone mainstream over the last few years. Today, more companies are investing...

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What is CI/CD – The Ops Perspective

DevOps March 2, 2020

An Operations View on CI/CD What is CI/CD? In this era of modern development practices, it’s hard to go...

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