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Trust in ShuttleOps for all your Chef needs. Our years of experience implementing Chef stack services from small businesses to enterprises places you in excellent hands.

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“ShuttleOps is a trusted Chef partner – delivering high value services and game changing SaaS platforms which help our customer’s delivery more business value.”

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Trust in an award winning partnership.

ShuttleOps was named 2020 Chef Partner of the Year.

Our Chef Expertise

Chef Infrastructure Management

Secure and scalable infrastructure management. Configuration management at scale.


Maintain compliance and prevent security incidents. Application and infrastructure auditing

App Delivery

End-to-end application automation from packaging to release management in production.


60+ DevOps Projects Delivered to Clients Including:

America’s second largest automotive manufacturer.
North America’s leading fast-casual restaurant with over 2,000 locations.
A digital document delivery platform reaching over 6,500 financial institutions.

  • Visibility into current state of deployed infrastructure and compliance state across organization
  • Cookbooks to enable configuration management across operating systems and distributions
  • Chef InSpec profiles to provide reporting and visibility of key security and compliance rules across your organization’s fleet
  • Application packaging and life cycle management for your organization using Chef Habitat
  • All packages and lifecycle management facilitated using an on-premise Habitat Depot as the single source of truth
  • Configuration of Chef Automate to receive data from Chef Infra, Chef InSpec, and Chef Habitat
  • Real time visibility of the fleet including remediation actions, state of compliance and running applications.

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Proven Chef Experience

Full Service

We are a technology Service Partner with DevOps, Data Science, and Cloud Development Technology Specialists


We work on your scope. Not ours. Our team adapts to meet your needs and the needs of your customers..


We partner with our clients to deliver 60+ successful DevOps projects.

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