Containers and Kubernetes Implementation Services

Container and Kubernetes
Implementation Services

Trust in years of experience to help you automate and scale your containers, and help you manage your Kubernetes clusters.

Why ShuttleOps?
Proven Container and Kubernetes Experience

ShuttleOps is a deeply experienced DevOps partner, having completed over 60 projects helping clients move forward in their DevOps journey. From CI, Security, CD, and monitoring, our team has a proven track record and incredible background in tooling, integration, and process, to plan and execute highly complex solutions given the tooling that best meets the needs of the client.

Full Service

A Technology Service Partner with DevOps, Data Science, and Cloud Development Technology Specialists.


Work on your scope. Not ours. Our team adapts to meet your needs and the needs of your customers.


We partner with our clients to deliver 60+ successful DevOps projects.

Getting You To A Scalable
Application Automation
Container Solution

Here’s how we do it:

We work with you to containerize images of existing applications

We help you establish a local development environment for rapid testing and validation

We provide training on a Kubernetes or Docker Swarm Cluster using your preferred cloud

Application Deployment

Set up of auditable pipelines through the use of git flow, CI builds, container registries and container automation concepts

Provide the necessary security tooling and scanning required

Let’s Talk About Working Together

Learn how ShuttleOps can be an effective partner in implementing containers and Kubernetes for your team. Tell us about your journey and current state of your DevOps practice – start the conversation today!

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