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ShuttleOps + HashiCorp + You = Infrastructure as Code

Enable faster infrastructure provisioning, changes and auditing.

A Trusted HashiCorp Partner

ShuttleOps is a trusted HashiCorp partner. We provide implementation and training services across HashiCorp technologies, enabling you to benefit from easily scalable, multi-cloud, dynamic infrastructure.

What Can You Expect With A ShuttleOps Partnership?

Capture the state of your existing infrastructure as code providing the ability to audit cloud usage and take control of cost

Use captured code to easily provision + scale new and existing infrastructure, allowing you to take deploy faster, and automatically, while reducing human error

Use git flow to version environments and ensure peer-review & audit-trails of all changes to allow for shared learning and enforcement of organizational standards

Integrate with CI/CD to automatically apply merged changes or spin up ephemeral environments during the code review and approval processes resulting in faster

Creation of templates and modules allowing for increased repeatability/re-use of code and common organizational requirements between environments and across applications for teams throughout your organization

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With HashiCorp

A guest post written by Yonathan Koren for Indellient

HashiCorp Terraform is an Infrastructure-as-Code tool that has a rich ecosystem of Providers – compiled binaries used by Terraform which can capture resources expressed in the HCL configuration language and provision those said resources across multiple Public Cloud Providers, and even other systems such as Kubernetes or…

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How HashiCorp Suite Tools Accelerate Your DevOps Transformation

A guest post written by ShuttleOps for Indellient

We’re firm believers that finding the right toolset to automate your infrastructure and software delivery is critical to stay consistent, highly-available and secure. That’s why we teamed up with HashiCorp as their forward-thinking team provides consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application…

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We’ll See You at HashiConf

Here’s what not to miss!

The core HashiCorp suite, currently comprised of Terraform, Vault, Consul, and Nomad, allows for infrastructure provisioning, secrets management, service interconnectivity, and workload orchestration, respectively. However, an organization’s CI/CD and Configuration Management solutions must be pulled in from outside of the HashiCorp suite. The same is true regarding tools surrounding monitoring…

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